Testing and Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing and quality assurance is as essential to successful production as any other stage in the product lifecycle. DTS test specialists, deployed on-site or off-site, have the experience to establish systematic processes to identify, troubleshoot, and document technical product issues that could challenge your production process and schedules and/or impact the end-user experience.

Effective testing and quality assurance requires more than knowing how the product is designed to work — the key is a thorough understanding of how the product will actually be used in the field. Because many DTS test specialists have hands-on experience with our clients’ products, we are able to develop comprehensive test plans that accurately simulate real-world environments.

DTS applies Six Sigma methodologies within our testing processes because testing isn’t a stand-alone part of the product lifecycle — it is intrinsically connected with every step of the design through manufacturing process. By making sure our testing is thorough, repeatable, and meticulously documented, we help our clients reduce their overall product warranty costs.

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