DTS helps you manage a range of business challenges by providing flexible services that seamlessly coexist within your engineering and manufacturing teams. Our services enable close collaboration between DTS specialists and your internal team, while our outsourcing programs provide the same reliable cooperation without occupying a footprint on your physical location.

No matter where we work, DTS deploys specialists with expertise in client-specific systems who serve as an extension of your internal team. Our proven processes are built around clear communication throughout the process in order to increase tracking and visibility of project goals, and allow for easy coordination of shared management responsibilities, including training, oversight, delegation.

On-site design services ensure close coordination between the DTS project manager/team and your internal managers through every stage of the design process. DTS’ off-site design center employs an on-site project coordinator along with our growing team of engineers and designers at our DTS facility.

We leverage the knowledge base of hundreds of experienced engineers in the local markets across North America and the world, providing various industry product design knowledge and engineering expertise in a range of specializations:

  • Sheet metal / structure design
  • Hydraulics design and routing
  • Electrical harness design and routing
  • Cooling systems design
  • Casting design
  • Release notices
  • Piece part and component drawings

Institutional knowledge is essential to creating reliable product documentation. DTS helps clients expand the expertise of their technical writing team while providing flexibility and efficiency that is difficult to maintain with an in-house documentation team.

Most importantly, we assemble each technical writing team with specialists who have worked on our clients’ specific business systems, and in many cases, directly with our clients’ products. By selecting the right people to handle the project, we provide clear, accurate documentation services that easily integrate with client systems.

Effective testing and quality assurance requires more than knowing how the product is designed to work—the key is a thorough understanding of how the product will actually be used in the field. Because many DTS test specialists have hands-on experience with our clients’ products, we are able to develop comprehensive test plans that accurately simulate real-world environments.

DTS applies Six Sigma methodologies within our testing processes because testing isn’t a stand-alone part of the product lifecycle—it is intrinsically connected with every step of the design through manufacturing process. By making sure our testing is thorough, repeatable, and meticulously documented, we help our clients reduce their overall product warranty costs.

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